cmdR is an industrial research lab. We co-develop robotics technologies & computational tools with clients for the built environment, manufacturing, creative industries & beyond.



modern blue collar workforce

The human supervisor oversees the workmanship of the robot welder
The human supervisor oversees the workmanship of the robot welder
At cmdR, we are passionate about revolutionizing the traditional blue-collar industry. Our mission is to harness the invaluable technical expertise of blue-collar workers and integrate it into an intuitive, no-code software platform designed to empower and enhance their skills.
We see a future where humans and robots work in harmony, enabling greater efficiency and innovation. Our commitment to bridging the gap between technology and the blue-collar sector drives us to create user-friendly solutions in partnership with industry leaders, elevating the blue-collar industry and empowering its workforce.

Bringing human-robot collaboration to the next-level

cmdR is revolutionizing the blue collar workforce by building a user-friendly and easily adoptable robotic workflow for construction and manufacturing industries to improve efficiency and enable workers to stay competitive in a rapidly changing job market.
We are taking a collaborative approach to software development by working closely with the blue collar workforce to create a platform that not only meets their needs but also internalizes the unique nuances of their skillset. The result is a digital solution that is both user-friendly and highly efficient, delivering accuracy and precision in every task it performs.
cmdR’s resident cobot, painting collaboratively with human collaborators
cmdR’s resident cobot, painting collaboratively with human collaborators

Parametric Software Integration

Mass Customisation
We are revolutionizing mass customization by developing a parametric robotic solution that combines the versatility of customisable workflows with the precision of robotic automation. This approach enhances efficiency, accuracy and freedom, making mass customization more accessible to small to medium-sized businesses.
Our platform is constantly maintained and updated, allowing us to deliver instant, real-time support to our clients and ensuring their operations are always running at peak efficiency.
Capturing Nuance & Retaining Experience
We capture the blue collar skillset by exposing and recording manufacturing calibration data during robot use. This preserves knowledge and experience while providing greater operator freedom and accuracy. The result is a seamless integration of human expertise and technology, driving innovation and efficiency in the industry.
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Our parametric control system lets you quickly and efficiently program your robot for high mix low volume production

Disruptive Technology Integration

cmdR harnesses the power of cutting-edge technology to transform the traditional blue collar industry. Our no-code software platform, developed in collaboration with industry professionals, leverages their expertise to streamline work processes and minimize manual labor. By adopting cmdR, companies can elevate their workflow, improve efficiency, and stay ahead of the curve in the constantly evolving industry landscape.
Reverse Engineering
We work with advanced sensors and 3D modelling tools to create digital twins of existing physical objects for reverse engineering. Using this 3D information, we can generate machining instructions for robotic processes.
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Unlock limitless possibilities in manufacturing with our integrated 3D scanning technology and parametric control - transforming the way robots bring your designs to life.


Digital & Robotic Fabrication

Digital Workflow
Engaging a digital workflow, we are able to leverage the use of robotics in processes of manufacturing. This is done by using digital design data to directly drive manufacturing equipment in forming various part geometries
A digital robotic fabrication workflow allows one to engage the full dexterity of an industrial arm robot to carry out task that otherwise would be inefficient or impossible manually.
Bringing precision and efficiency to welding operations with the power of no-code programming
Bringing precision and efficiency to welding operations with the power of no-code programming