CMD are change makers in the realm of digital transformation for the architecture, engineering, construction (AEC) sector, industrial robotics and creative industries. We aim to bring about a democratization in the use and application of technology and technological bridges between the digital and physical realms.
This is brought about through technological consultancy on projects in the AEC industry, creative industries and the application of industrial robotics. As part of thought leadership in digital transformation, CMD are also educators in areas of creative coding, computational design & digital fabrication.
As a foundation, CMD provides services in multiple roles:
  • As designers, we lean on computation to generate and realise complex geometric aesthetics and design moves, expanding the possibilities of design.
  • As architectural technologists, we digitally transform the design, fabrication, assembly and installation processes from pre-construction to the construction stage.
  • As roboticists, we democratise the implementation of industry 4.0-level industrial robotics by lowering barriers to entry, bringing about new use cases and applications through building easy to use platforms for collaboration, particularly in high mix low volume use cases.
  • As creative technologists, we raise awareness and familiarity with industry 4.0-level technology, questioning the interconnectedness of our digital and physical worlds by enabling artists and art, through collaboration.
  • As software developers, we build tools to democratize the implementation of the purposes above, contributing to the paradigm shift in the AEC industry.